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Research and Development Laboratories
located at
Hermannswerder 14
14473 Potsdam - Germany

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About epinamics

epinamics is a Berlin-based, privately owned research and development company, focusing on an innovative drug delivery technology for dermal and transdermal applications of cosmetic, pharmaceutical and veterinary products. 

Based on the unique polymer-based and film-forming technology, called Liqui-Patch, epinamics is developing a portfolio of own products where (active) pharmaceutical ingredients are administered in liquid formulations. The almost invisible Liqui-Patch is flexible in respect to its scope of application, administration, dosage and skin adherence.   

The platform technology was originally invented by scientists at Intendis GmbH and the Saarland University and is covered by well-differentiated issued patents for a broad range of pharmaceutical ingredients. 

Liqui-Patch is a technology form from which various medicinal products can emerge with low cost of goods

epinamics is offering its pharmaceutical research and development expertise to support your company in getting innovative technology products to market quickly. Whether you require an existing product in our technology range or want our support in developing your pharmaceutical ingredients as innovative dermal or transdermal products, we have the capabilities to get your medical products to the retail shelves fast. 

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